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FIFA 16 vote for cover page player

EA Sports proposed a very innovative idea of choosing the cover player of FIFA16 in various regions. FIFA fans can decide the player on the cover of FIFA16, which is the first time in franchise history.

The voting will be proceeding from June 16, 2015 till July 5, 2015. All FIFA players have the chance to  FIFA Coins decide the players who are with Lionel Messi on the cover of the game in Australia, France, Latin America, Mexico, and the United Kingdom.

Who are you voting for?

In the five regions, you are voting for the qualified athletes, then decide who will be on the cover with Messi.

How does the voting work?

It is very simple. You just need to visit respective country’s voting pages to FIFA 16 Coins select your player and then just confirm it. By this, you have finished your process of voting.

Each vote bears a single (1) point and you can cast a single vote each day till July 5.

You also can support your player on the cover photo by some other ways. Please see them as follows.
?    By sharing your vote on twitter will earn them an extra 10 points.
?    While playing FIFA 15 with your Origin ID can add some extra points to your player.
?    Points earned through FIFA 15:
.5 point for every game you play in FIFA 15, regardless of mode
.5 point for every game you win in FIFA 15, regardless of mode
.25 point for every goal you score in FIFA 15, regardless of mode
What is my Origin ID?
If you already have had a ID in FIFA 15, the ID is your Origin ID. If you don’t have the Origin ID, you can create one and then vote for your player.

Can anyone vote?

Yes, anyone in the world can vote regardless of the region you are in. You just need to Buy FIFA 16 Coins visit that regional page which you want to vote. Each region vote is separate, so you can also cast your vote to multiple campaigns.

When are the cover winners announced?

The cover vote will be closed on 5th July. The result of each region’s cover photo for FIFA 16 will be announced on 8th July.

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