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FIFA 16 cover votes are still on-going

http://www.ufifa.coUntil July 5 gamers can also cast their vote for the athletes that will be present on the official cover of the next installment in the series alongside Lionel Messi.

There are separate choices offered for territories like United Kingdom, Latin America, France, Australia and Mexico.

FIFA 16 will use a new slogan, Play Beautiful, which emphasizes the way the core mechanics have been re-designed to allow gamers to create the best moment from real-world matches.gofifacoins fifa 16 coins

On the defensive, a new range of options is offered for tackles, and there are new ways to use the entire team to protect the goalkeeper.

Midfielders have more options when it comes to passes and for attackers EA Sports is adding the no ball dribble ability and more options when they place shots on goal.

No details about the Ultimate Team mode and its evolution have been offered so far.

FIFA 16 will be offered on the PC, the PlayStation 4, the Xbox One and older consoles, albeit with fewer features, on September 24 of this year.fifa 16 coins

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