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FIFA 15 Ultimate Team Gets a unique Apple Watch Companion App

Video game titles were obviously not really a priority when Apple was designing its new Watch, but a number of developers have still been able to create some interesting titles for the wearable device. Tiny Tower creator NimbleBit has released an Apple Watch word game, Letterpad, and Everywhere Games intends to release an Apple Watch RPG, titled Runeblade, later this month. Even EA has determined methods to add Apple Watch support to its FIFA simulation app.

The fifa 15 accounts with coins Apple Watch companion app allows users to manage their team about the whisk by tracking their 5 top player transfers from their wrist. Users could also receive notifications about player transfers entirely on their Watch.

Future Apple Watch owners can download the FIFA 15 coins iPhone app with the companion app in the App Store gratis starting today.

The off the shelf FIFA 15 iOS app have been updated with “Best Line-Up” feature which alerts users whether they have an improved starting player on their bench. The overall game has also received some simulation mode tweaks and new tactic options.

FIFA 15 Ultimate Team allows soccer fans to generate their particular club by collecting players from over 500 licensed teams. The action features more(a) 10,000 players, 30 real leagues and their stadiums. The app is free of charge to download nevertheless it does feature in-app purchases.

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