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FIFA 15 Player Review – Alexis Sanchez

Starting with the stat many players feel is utterly vital for any winger: Pace. He has 90 pace on his card and he definitely lives as much as it, also think you have to say? It’s unreal how much quicker he bursts  past defenders, even a number of the faster ones, completely leaving them behind. His acceleration is very special, and it makes dribbling past players a whole lot of easier. Among the fastest players  I’ve ever used.

Next up, his dribbling and physical. I put these two together because dribbling is among his strongest points while physical is truly one of his weakest (much like him, lol). His dribbling is utterly unreal.  Once i play him at LM, he normally covers the ball for the left side from the core pitch. When given the ball there he can be extremely deadly. If you know the best way to dribble, I promise you you’ll be able to  dribble past any center back pairing hanging around. It won’t even matter. I’ve tried Ribery and and he feels somewhat better at dribbling than him, which I could have to attribute to his increased  agility. It’s unreal how soon he changes direction, no matter if sprinting at full speed. However, you will find there’s downside, and that i mentioned it’s his physical. When a defender collides with him (legally), bid farewell to the ball. He gets pushed off overly easily, however he doesn’t fall much unless he gets clattered into, because of his balance. There is a strategy to counter this though, and simple really.  Don’t go shoulder to shoulder with another defender. Possibly that your defender is going to push or pluck at you, simply press L2 and employ that to turn away, then dribble past him. He’s definitely the  best dribbler I’ve used thus far.

Now for his shooting and passing. Holy shit can this boy finish. He finishes through the weirdest angles, he finishes one vs ones, he finishes externally the lamp, he finishes finesse shots, he finishes  all of them. However, that’s not to state that you should have a shot with him whenever he provides the ball. Don’t do by using anyone. You should employ his sexy dribbling to make space yourself  and then let it rip. He finishes very well, with both feet, I truly will not have everything to say. Besides he score, but he also creates. He didn’t get many assists personally, but for many of the goals  I did so score, he was involved. Whether or not this was him that carried the ball from my half towards opponent’s box, him that had his shot parried away right into a teammate’s path, him that might insert an incredible  cross that my player would then deposit for another player to smash in. He creates numerous chances, don’t let his low level of assists cause you to be imagine that he doesn’t assist, because that’s  completely untrue.

Other notes: Will hardly ever beat players for headers, when given a totally free one he causes it to be count regularly. His defending isn’t great by any means but exactly what do you anticipate. You are able to still use his pace to own back and bother someone though. His high finishing makes his 3* WF think that 4* within the, and obviously she has 4* skills. Curiously, felt that he was more worthy a LM role, when he saw  a lot of ball doing this and could work his magic more frequently.

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