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Hello Guys, I am Meenakshi Bhatia from Faridabad, NCR. After marriage, I got a big family. But I was happy to see them because they were so good in nature. Everyone take care of me like a little princes. After some days, I saw they all are become ill due to food poisoning. I feel so bad and I decide to find out the problem. If they will not happy then how will I happy because they were my family members and necessary part of life. After some research, I found that problem is cheap quality of grocery which was non-hygienic. In, my kitchen most of product was unnecessary and now a day’s these products were not running in the market. Due to awareness of all these they purchased from common grocery store where only dust and insects were crawls. I understood the reason of diseases. So, I decided to get rid from this problem and start to find out a Best Organic food stores in Faridabad where all necessary things could be available. Because before marriage, I lived in Luck now city where was so many organic shops available for fresh and healthy food. But, I was no idea in Faridabad. Because I Did not see this kind of shop anywhere so I started to find out on Google and finally, I found some Organic Food stores in faridabad with name of organic Hubb which was providing many kind of health and food products online. They were also providing free online delivery on bulk grocery shopping. I feel happy to see that many of things were available at one shop. I visit to the website of organic hubb and saw all the products and prices also. It was in budget and most important thing all products were healthy and organic which can help me out from my family’s health problems. I talked with my elders and take permission for purchasing organic food and products. They allowed me because they loved me so much and they had believe that I will not take any wrong decision. It was very grateful for me. After that, I open my laptop and visit which was in Faridabad. I purchased any things from there. I purchased about five thousand of grocery and food products for whole month. Because, It was my trust organic food will change my family’ health problem and the get rid from different kind of disease very soon.  It was cash on delivery. After two-three hours, A delivery boy came to my home with Bucket in which all products was available. I checked all things care full which I Ordered. I asked for Invoice, Delivery boy game an invoice and I paid him. After that He wants away from there. That was the day and this is the day, my family becomes healthy. Now they don’t have need to any doctors and medicines.

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