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Earning with affiliations: How to Make Money Online with Affiliate Programs

In this article I want to talk about how to make money with affiliate. Personally, if done with the proper “trappings” (which of course will be analyzed thoroughly in this article), I think the systems affiliations one of the best ways to earn money online. If you do not know what a system of affiliate you’ll explain it! Some producers of goods and services to retail, have come up with a viral distribution. In practice this system requires that anyone can become a reseller of the products (in short: an affiliate), thus perceiving any money on each sale is executed thanks to him.

Usually to become an affiliate simply sign up for an affiliate program , take the links and banners that sponsor the products and put them on its website, or report to their mailing list a product by linking it in the email with your affiliate link. Both links that banners are “identification”, i.e they have a piece of code different from affiliate to affiliate. This system will make it possible to trace precisely the traffic generated by the affiliate , so you know exactly how many sales a particular affiliate has brought to the company. As compensation for its sales is distributed so-called percentage of affiliation, that is precisely a commission on sales. It varies by membership affiliation and from sector to sector.

In practice you can earn with affiliations as if you had a store, but did not have an e-commerce, without representatives, without having to turn curbside. This is because the beauty of membership is that everyone can do it without having to open a VAT! Of course, the law imposes limits gain if you do not want to look like a merchant. This limit is set at 5,000 euro per year, the overcoming of which to the law you’re not getting the most marginal revenue but are one who works full-time. In any case, if you make the affiliate as a supplement to a main income, even 5,000 Euros extras are a very good figure! And if you want to earn more, the VAT you open it, I do not see what the problem is …I’m always the idea that, open a VAT, because you gain too, is a “problem” that everyone should aspire to have!

We come now to making the most of an affiliation. The purpose is to gain as much as possible by such a system. To do this, you have to be aware of some things that will help you a lot: Entrusted to affiliations series of reputed companies and that offer a commission at least in line with the market! To see if it’s serious, just read the opinion that other affiliates have written on the internet. Then check also if they respond fully and quickly to an email. Another useful tip would be to buy any product catalog and check if you accredit the commission. Also check that their cookies (tracking system of affiliates) keep in memory the customer for long enough. For a long mean not less than one year. I say this because some cunning set the buffer for too short, such as 90 days, or even zero. In practice, the customer should buy as soon as the page is redirected to the company. Since this never happens, usually a user thinks about it several times, and in each case the next time we go directly without going through your site!

Always include your affiliate links within articles closely related to what is being advertised by the link! For example, if you’re advertising on the affiliation in forex trading, then post the link in an article of your blog that talks about forex. Doing so will improve significantly the number of people who click on the link. I will not go on to explain the logical reasons for what I have just said, because I have already spoken in the article on banner ads . Forget who tells you to write a number of articles to insert ourselves into your affiliate link. It ‘s very difficult to be able to write an article a day on a topic like forex. Much better to focus on diversification in practice write maybe only 3, 4, 10 articles on different aspects of trading with forex and, within these articles, enter your nice link that points to a course on forex which you you previously affiliated. Then nothing remains that you can write more, you know, 7 items on stock investments there and put your affiliate link of the product that explains how to invest in stocks.

Basically, you can easily have a blog that talks about many topics and leverage heterogeneous, within each article, an affiliation different and adapted to the article itself … However, for reasons of positioning on Google, you should always run a blog that, although diverse, is at least part of a single topic . That is, it makes no sense to talk about cars, IT and investment in the same blog. Revenues affiliations are generally among the highest in the category earn with the internet. I have already expressed some figures in the article on how to make writing but, in general, a site with 1,000 unique visitors daily done well can lead to gains comparable to a salary. Before you decide to throw you headlong to do business with affiliations, there is one very important thing you need to know and that almost no one will say here in Italy: it is very difficult to be able to earn with affiliate if you are a beginner Online Business!

…Why? Because the model that, in general, they tell you to use to make money with this system will NOT work if you deceive yourself that it is enough to start a blog on any free platform for your banners and affiliate link then you’re on the wrong track, as you will not make a dime.

Of course, you may use the various systems of paid traffic like AdWords and Facebook Ads … pity though that, with profit margins that give you an average affiliate programs in Italy, it’s a miracle if you go even. Let alone earn good money! There are also ways to get free traffic (like SEO ), but they are not for everyone because they require experience and in-depth technical knowledge that you learn overnight. In short: you can earn with affiliations and potentially very profitable.

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