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Copper Wire are some things you must do yourself

3. GFCI receptacle installation – attaching Bare Copper Wire to the new GFCI receptacle terminals

GFCI receptacle terminals are marked LINE & LOAD, with the LOAD being usually covered with a yellow tape, if you don’t need them (only two wires in the box), you can leave the tape on.

After preparing wire ends, secure the two LINE marked wires to the LINE marked terminals on the GFCI receptacle:

However, older GFCI receptacles without the “Smart Lock” feature will still have power after tripping if LOAD & LINE wires have been switched. Unfortunately, there’s still millions of those devices installed in our homes, so take your table lamp and TEST IT! Or get a GFCI tester for under ten dollars, and use it every month.

You might be in a situation where installing GFCI outlet is not be possible due to an overfilled (too many wires) or undersized / shallow electrical box – GFCI receptacle is 1.5 to 2 times larger (deeper) than a regular outlet and some electrical boxes won’t be able to accommodate it. One of the possible solutions in such case is to install a GFCI breaker that will protect entire circuit.

Important thing to remember – if you decide to install GFCI receptacle in a place of the existing electrical outlet, you should perform this installation following your current local jurisdiction requirements – this might not be entirely the latest NEC (National Electrical Code) but should be very close to it – find out required GFCI locations based on the latest NEC.

Some of the examples would be a kitchen GFCI, bathroom GFCI, and a laundry GFCI installation. If you remove a regular electrical outlet from either of those locations in order to replace it with a GFCI receptacle, this new device should be:

20-ampere rated

installed on a #12 AWG wire

protected by a 20-ampere rated breaker / fuse

In many cases, this would require spending a few hundred $$$ (for the electrician). However, if your plan was to replace those wires anyway, do it right – shortcuts sometimes cause fires…

I hope this GFCI outlet installation manual will help to improve your safety – good luck and be careful!

There is probably no better way to become aware of the condition of a home than to have your home inspected by a licensed inspector. However, there are several considerations on which only you, as the purchaser, can decide. And, as I’ve said in other articles, it’s my belief there Copper Wire are some things you must do yourself: Manage your money. Raise your children. And, also… purchase your home!

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