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Cone crusher with large output size range

Cone crusher has one special feather which other crushers not: the replaceable crushing cavity, which can meet large output size range demand. When the output size is drastically changed, change the crushing cavity instead of changing a cone crusher. In generally, there are four crushing cavities: Fine type, medium type, coarse type and extra coarse type.

Main capacity specification of different types as follow:

Extra coarse type:

Discharge gate(mm) 16 18 22 28
capacity(t/h) 65-75 70-85 85-105 110-130

Coarse type:

Discharge gate(mm) 11 13 16 20
capacity(t/h) 45-55 55-65 65-75 80-100

Medium type:

Discharge gate(mm) 9 11 13 16
capacity(t/h) 25-35 40-50 50-60 60-70

Fine type:

Discharge gate(mm) 6 7 8 10
capacity(t/h) 20-25 25-30 30-35 35-45

The capacity is measured by local quartz. As the capacity is influenced by many factors, such as hardness, humidity, granularity, opertation method and discharge mouth, the table capacity is just for reference.

The granularity distribute curve as follow:


From the curve, we can see the output size range and passing rate. Furthermove, there are many models of cone crusher. Add to four replaceable crushing cavities, the output size varies largely.

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