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Classification and application of Monoblock Stopper

Monoblock stopper?is formed by static pressing. The shape and size depend on the capacity of tundish, the height of steel surface, horn shape of tundish nozzle and aperture size. Monoblock stopper head is monoblock stopper hollow with argon blowing hole and air plug. The key point is fixing method. One type is fixed by metal pin. The other type is fixed by screw thread.

The main function of monoblock stopper is used for on-off of tundish. It can not only control the flow of the molten steel from tundish to crystallizer automatically, but also can blow the argon and other inert gas to tundish by the argon blowing hole to purify the molten steel.

Generally the material of?monoblock stopper?is aluminum carbon material. The head of the stopper rod is provided with an argon blowing hole or a gas permeable plug. When casting, the argon is blown to submerged entry nozzle by blowing hole or air plug. It enters the molten steel with fine shape. Then reducing the aggregation of Al2O3 and the deposition in the submerged nozzle to prolong service life of monoblock stopper.

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