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Cheap Hot RS Gold in – Runescape Armadyl VS Sliske Quest Suggestion

Though Runelabs doesn’t receive the quest suggestions these days, this is really a good idea that we cannot miss. Armadyl vs Sliske, sounds so exciting right? We will reveal the mystery of it below.

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Armadyl vs Sliske is a quest where Armadyl returns to Gielinor, seeking to reclaim his Empyrean Citadel along with the help of some of his allies and the World Guardian. It functions as a sequel to DAT and seeks to kickstart Armadyl’s role in the story, and properly introduce him in a quest setting, which lets players get to know him better than a world event.

As we saw in MPD the EC is a base which holds extreme significance to Armadyl, as it was his old base in the 2nd and 3rd Age. He has big plans for the citadel, and you’ll learn about some of them during the quest. To reclaim it you’ll infiltrate the EC and its upper levels to prepare for the assault, and then take part in a head-on conflict against Sliske’s wights and defences, ending in our first direct confrontation with Sliske himself.

For the actual assault, you’d be jumping in alongside Armadyl and some of his allies. Armadyl’s hope is that he can negotiate with Sliske, but even if he succeeds in doing so the assault will still be very heated beforehand. It all climaxes in a showdown with Sliske himself, co-starting the Barrows Brothers. Imagine a battle akin to Rise of the Six where your teammates include Armadyl himself, all the while he’s trying to reason with Sliske.

Prior to the assault, you’d perform a more stealthy infiltration to scout and take notes for the reclaiming. You would be looking for potential traps and hints on the Elder Artefacts. In this section you would get access to the upper floors of EC.

These include the Empyrean Library, and a room where Sliske has set up camp, expect to get teases of some of his deeper secrets here.

Once the quest is done the EC becomes an Armadylean base, with renovated rooms containing various NPCs, lore and more. Armadyl can be contacted and talked to at any time and a portal frame will appear to visually show the work on getting a connection to Abbinah.

The quest will feature elements that allow Sliskean players to show their allegiance. Your choice in DAT will also have an effect on Sliske in this quest.

Sounds great? Totally. And if you have any question, you can post below.

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