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Cable Wire can be much more convenient

Also, it Cable Wire can be much more convenient to use your Home Theater system if you use your AV Receiver as an AV switcher. That means you’d run all of your audio and video into your Receiver, and then your receiver would send the selected signal to the TV. So when you select DVD Player on your receiver, you’ll hear the DVD through your speakers and see the DVD on your TV, without having to change inputs on your TV.

5) Proper Settings

Requires a telephone line connection.

Generally slower speed than cable, but provides a more constant throughput with lower latency.

We all know that buying more of something usually gets you a better price per unit in almost every industry out there. In the wire and cable industry buying more will definitely get you a better price but it may not always be the best option for you or your company.

Many suppliers of 8 AWG THHN electrical wire have started to cut it to the exact length the customer needs in order to avoid waste on each job. Yes, the installer or contractor will get a better price per foot if they buy 500 feet instead of 120 feet but how much waste will that yield? It’s going to be different for each job but once that spool of 500 feet gets down to 80 feet it’s going to be much more difficult to find a use for it. The spool might sit there for quite some time and, in the mean time, you have to order another spool of 500 feet in order to prepare for the next job you have.

Buying online has become much more common than 5 years ago. Many online suppliers of 8 AWG THHN wire will let you buy to the exact foot you need on their website. Some even offer free shipping to anywhere in the USA once you hit a certain dollar amount. The main thing to be sure of is the length of your run because there’s nothing worse for you or the supplier when you wind up a couple of feet short and need to return the spool you have in order to get the right length.

8 AWG electrical wire is typically used by electricians, contractors and installers. The most common colors are black, red, white and green. Green is usually designated as the ground wire instead of a bare copper ground because when it’s being used outdoors it needs the protective insulation to resist water and gasses that it will come in contact with.

Suppliers that will cut 8 AWG electrical wire to length for you will most likely cut Romex?, UF-B cable and MC cable to length as well. The fact is that suppliers cut multiple lengths per day while contractors only order a couple of times per month. The higher turnover allows the suppliers to have minimal waste at the end of each month and be able to supply their customers with exactly what they need. It makes life easier for the installer to be able to price the Electrical Wiring full job without having to factor in waste.


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