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Brand new Titanium and Stainless Steel jewellery from the kitty of Dallen Accessories now out on its online store

Titanium widely used in spacecraft and airplane parts is now used in making accessories and jewellery by the pioneer design fashion house Dallen Accessories.

Titanium and Stainless Steel alloys have caught the fancy of jewellery designers worldwide. They are the ‘in vogue’ material which is now used in making fashion, funky and trendy jewelleries and accessories. The demand for them too have increased manifold in last couple of years with designer preferring Titanium and Stainless Steel jewels to dress up celebrities and models on the ramp.

Catering specially to this surging demand, Dallen Accessories now offers an assorted range of specially crafted Titanium and Stainless Steel jewels and accessories. Giving the much needed technological edge, their products are now available online through the retail portal. With online shopping now the most preferred medium of making purchase, Dallen Accessories management launched their portal to reach maximum customers across the globe.

Their special designer collection is for those ardent rock and funk music lovers who love a little bit of bling and bold fashion sense. Each product is a cult above others with the striking features of being sturdy and light weight at the same time.

The outlet offers wide mixture of products including:

There is a special skull collection of rings, necklaces and bracelets for the hard core rebels who wear their attitude with pride. They are those who make their rules and live life to the fullest. Designers have come out with collection with lot of research and interaction with consumers on various social media forums.

On the company’s decision to go online with its product range PR Manager says, “Everything now happens online and shopping is a big time virtual phenomenon. We decided to launch online retail stores to expand our reach and customer base. The range of products is highly demanded and we want to cater to international markets now. There is large untapped market for our accessories and jewellery which is where we want to concentrate on. Our focus is to encourage online sales for next year.”

About Dallen Accessories

The hallmark of the company is that all its products are of 95 per cent Titanium that is 316L stainless steel variety. Dallen Accessories is a well-known name in fashion jewellery and accessories industry for its urban Titanium and Stainless Steel collection. The company has been in the business for a decade and is expanding its presence across the globe. With its online retail store, it wishes to reach to more consumers. They have been pioneer in Titanium jewellery rings that is light weight metal yet sturdy to wear and maintain.

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