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For those four or five readers who have never heard of bloons, here’s a crash course. There is a path. The path can be long and meandering, or short and nearly straight, or a series of paths. Suddenly, from one end of the path will come balloons, those deceptively cute menaces. If the balloons make it to the end of the path, lives are lost. What’s a casual gamer to do? Why, put towers along the path to combat the balloons. ( )



And by towers we mean, of course, monkeys. Well, mostly monkeys. Each balloon you pop brings in money which can be spent on different towers or upgrading the towers to make them more deadly to the evil balloons.

Best of Casual Gameplay 2009Each tower has its own strengths and weaknesses. Begin with the simplest form: a dart monkey. The dart monkey can shoot darts at the oncoming balloons, but only pop one at a time. However, the humble dart monkey can be upgraded to pop more balloons, to move faster, cover more area, etc. A handy feature, as the balloons coming down the pike increase in speed and complexity (zebra, camouflage, and porcelain balloons, anyone?).

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