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Application in Different Commercial Field of the Vehicle Tracking

What is commercial vehicle? It can be defined as “any motorized road vehicle which by its type of construction and equipment is designed for, and capable of, transporting, whether for payment or not more than nine person, including the driver; or goods”. Therefore, trucks, coaches, buses, vans and trailers are categorised as commercial vehicles. As a result of advances in the automotive industry, commercial vehicles have become more advances in technology and hence, reliability of individual critical components is an important factor for improving the overall reliability and quality of the vehicle. Thus the magnetic car tracker system occured. These systems can enhance the security and efficiency of commercial vehicle operations. By closely tracking vehicles and asserts, opportunities for cargo and vehicle theft can be reduced, and dangerous goods can be given added security.


What is the meaning of commercial vehicle tracking system? In brief, the behavior that tracking a car or vehicle to achieve the commercial goals. Many people think of the shipping industry, once they need a method to monitor a large fleets of vehicles and use this technology. By taking these measures, shipping companies can check the exact locations of shipment drop-offs and among other things. In fact, nowadays, commercial vehicle tracking has spread into other smaller industry, not only those systems which provide commercial service but also be used for the company which uses the vehicle tracking sytem to make more benefits and save more time.

In order to comply with the regulations, many boss of transportation companies have targeted at vehicle tracking systems on the market which provide benefits beyond basic compliance with the law now. This vehicle tracking technology makes it possible for transportation managers of municipal, commercial, military, and private fleets to collect and interpret data on their trucks and driver behavior. Information on location, speed, fuel use, extened idling, route taken, and unauthorized use, among other driving aspects, can be continually monitored. For example, in a vehicle tracking system, there could be definitions for cars, boats, motorcycles, buses, and trucks. If you are a motor vehicle department and you are tracking revisions to determine ownership and assign fees, there is little information you need about each category.

Other more, when freight vans and other deliver vans are dispatched systematically, this may be called a modern day commercial vehicle tracking application. The wireless GPS tracking device for cars operation install a certain transmitter on a particular freight van to monitor the activities of the freight van, because it makes its delivery within the area. All the activities all through a remote hardware, including little detours and stopping point of monitoring. In addition, commercial vehicle tracking also can be use in live sale and trailer tracking. In the live sale, vehicle tracking can be used in getting driving routes and organize the schedual of last minute. Commercial driving gives the help of commercial investment, and what’s more, it is not only saving time and money, but also irreplaceable.

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