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Alarm at long range audio recorder

spy watch with high sensitivity stereo audio recorder. Over 6 hours of recording on a single charge and 8GB of memory included.

A built-in voice recorder HQ STEREO in a stylish watch with a contemporary style, the same as the popular smartwatch. The materials and finish are top notch, OLED display with high readability and aluminum body.

Registration is activated in a completely unexpected, in fact do not need to do is move the side button to start recording.
Unsuspected and versatile making recordings of a quality and amazing clarity. The microphone has an impressive sensitivity and regstra perfectly every sound within 10 meters.

It will allow you to store over 6 hours of recording (audio only) for each battery charge and is thin and light just like any clock, without any light or strange hole. Even taking him in hand and using it will be impossible to realize his true nature without knowing it!

high quality device, ultra miniaturized. Can record continuously until battery power or memory, or on voice activation where regitreròà only in the presence of sounds or spoken.

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The package includes earphones that allow you to use it like any MP3 player and, above all, to listen to the recordings wherever you WITHOUT NEED A COMPUTER.
Of course you can still connect it to a computer and play back, transfer, or delete records in the memory via another USB cable included.

It equipped with an OLED diplay that in addition to showing the time will allow you to easily make all the settings that are far from superior product.
Among these settings it is also possible to set:
password protection for access to the records, to be sure that nobody but you can listen to the content;
The recorded sound quality (32 Kbps to 384 Kbps);
set voice activation;
Select the fragmentation into individual audio files of the longest regsitrazioni:
and much more ….
The recorder chipset is a SAMSUNG Octacore latest generation and allows extremely clean records and a particular highlight of the speech. This, coupled to the microphone which is one of the most sensitive ever tried, it can record any whisper perfectly within about 10 meters of where you place it.
The built-in memory is 8GB, you can store, depending on the quality (Kbps) set, up to 100 hours of recordings.

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