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4 Things to Consider when Buying a Used Smartphone

kijiji-phoneIf you need a new smartphone, then buying a used device is the smartest choice you can make. According to statistics, over the 2015 there were bought 68% more used smartphones than new ones. As the trend continues to gain more and more popularity we decided to create an article helping people choose and buy the right used smartphone without getting a bad device.

Physical Appearance

First of all, you need to visually examine the phone. It seems like an obvious step to make, but many people forget about it or simply neglect this step. With no doubt, it is important to evaluate the number of scratches or cracks on the phone’s screen and cover, but it is even more vital to check the device for any water damages.

Even before you have a look at a device, keep in mind that for most water damaged smartphone you will find mobile phone price much lower than the average. If the price is average or higher, look under the cover and battery. Should you find there any water signs, such as dirt, rust, or any brown or orange particles, give the phone back, because it was damaged and will not serve you for a long time.

Technical Specifications

When you buy a used smartphone it is pretty easy to evaluate its technical specifications because most frequently all of them will already be written in the internet. So in terms of technical specifications the advice is to make a research before agreeing to any device, because you need to make sure that you purchase a device you actually need.

Is the Phone Stolen?

Today many-many people earn pretty good money on selling stolen phones, so do not become one of the victims buying these phones. The easiest way to verify whether the phone is stolen or not is to ask the seller for the IMEI code for GSM phones. Then get this number and check it through all the available online resources and even call the local police department to get more specific information and be 100% sure in the correctness of the information.

If the seller refuses to give you the number do not buy anything from him or her, because it means that this person has something to hide.

Is the Phone Unlocked?

Most professionals advise purchasing unlocked phones because in this way you re free with your choice of the carrier and network later on. But you need to be ready, that if you check website with Samsung smartphone prices you will see that unlocked devices cost more than locked ones.

To check whether the phone is unlocked you simply need to insert several different SIM cards from different networks and try making some calls from each of them, if the phone responds to only one SIM card and shows any message like “insert SIM card” or “no SIM card”, or “change SIM card” then the phone is locked to work with only one carrier.

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