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1- 20 T/H Mini jaw crusher with diesel engine for rock

As for mini jaw crusher, there is alternative option about powered way: electricity or diesel engine. The mini jaw crusher as we commonly see and without additional complement refers to electric motor mini jaw crusher. There is the other mini jaw crusher powered diesel engine, which is ameliorated at the foundation of mini jaw crusher. Mini jaw crusher and with diesel engine have the same application. They both have the capacity of 1-20 T/H, and are suitable for rock crushing.


Compared with mini jaw crusher, mini jaw crusher with diesel engine has extra function and performance. The major is the optional of mobile or stationary crusher machine, which means the mini jaw crusher with diesel engine can be mobile or stationary. The diesel engine jaw crusher is equipped two wheels at the bottom of the body.

Diesel engine jaw crusher is a portion of diesel engine crusher. Diesel Engine Crusher has other types which are combined diesel engine and other types’ crusher machine, and it has lots of specification to choice. So when electricity is not available or cost-effective, diesel engine crusher is a nice choice.

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